Small Space Heater

Small Space Heater

Many people utilize a small space heater to provide supplemental heat in their home. Small space heaters are not designed to provide heat your entire home, but typically are used to heat an area of approximately 200 sq. ft. or less.

When choosing a small space heater safety should always be a consideration. Today’s small space heaters that are UL approved are very safe when used as directed. But, like anything else, accidents can happen and unfortunately do. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission there are approximately 28,000 house fires that can be linked with the use of small space heaters. Unfortunately, these house fires result in approximately 300 deaths each year. Many of these could be avoided if consumers just followed the manufacturers guidelines that are included with each small space heater purchased.

Small space heaters are an excellent way to quickly and safely heat a small area in your home. Many people utilize a small space heater in their bathroom, their utility room, or maybe in a room near a large window. It is important to mention that it is dangerous to use a small electric space heater near the bathtub or in any wet area. Remember, your safety when operating your small space heater is very important.

There are several things you should consider when choosing a small space heater. The most commonly used small space heaters on the market today are electric space heaters. They are available in several popular styles including ceramic space heaters, Quartz space heaters, forced air space heater, and oil filled electric radiator heaters. While all are very effective the one considered by most to be the safest and most economical to operate is the oil filled electric radiator heater. Most of the small electric space heaters commercially available today come equipped with standard safety features including an automatic shut off when the heater is tipped over, a thermostat that allows you to regulate the heat, a safety switch that automatically shuts off the heater if it overheats or becomes too hot, and a heavy-duty electrical cord with a grounded plug.

Small propane space heaters, and natural gas space heaters, are another small space heater used by many consumers. These small space heaters are similar in design to the electric space heaters except their heating source comes from either propane or natural gas. They are available styles that include radiant heater, and forced air heaters just to name a few.  Some people prefer this form of space heater because they are effective and very economical to operate. These space heaters are also available in larger sizes and can be utilized to heat most, if not, your entire home.

The other form is a small kerosene space heater. Because of the fumes put off by this category of small space heater they are typically used in outdoor applications. This style of space heater is ideal for heating your patio, workshop, garage, or your backyard deck. Some of the larger models are even used to provide heat for outdoor restaurants and some sidewalk cafés.

Whichever model of small space heater you choose remember it is important to follow the manufacturers directions. Take the time to read the manual and obey all safety guidelines. If you do this, you will find that a small space heater is a safe and satisfying choice for maintaining a warm comfortable environment for you and your family.

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